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Meet Danu Abeysuriya

April 5th, 2018

Leadership success can be measured in a myriad of ways, and Danushka Abeysuriya from Rush Digital says the measure of success that makes him feel most accomplished is when one of his team leaves the business. And this was just one of many surprises that Abeysuriya shared with us here at IMNZ when we sat […]


The call for servant leadership and the need for followership

March 25th, 2018

It makes sense that without followers there can be no leaders.  Likewise, without a high performing team, a leader can’t be successful.    As more and more Millennials enter the workforce, they’re not interested in following someone because they have a grandiose title, corner office, or long tenure – that’s more likely to garner distain than […]


Wisdom Leads From The Heart

March 5th, 2018

The Second World War was the greatest conflict to ever engulf the world and has shaped much of the way we have lived ever since. It was one of the drivers that helped develop New Zealand’s confidence and its identity. It was also the start of the story of the Institute of Management New Zealand, […]


So you’re the boss now

February 18th, 2018

  You have been promoted and now you’re the boss Wow! Congratulations! What a thrill! But at the same time, if I’m totally honest, it can also be bloody daunting. There is so much to learn. Ask any new manager or senior executive to recall how they felt after their big promotion to the top […]


Learner Case Study: Hine Henawairea

October 12th, 2017

Hine Henawairea, a Diploma in Management Level 5 graduate, shares her experience on how studying with IMNZ has impacted her life. Hine works for the Auckland City Council in Finance in the Strategic Portfolio and Programme Office. She originally started studying for her diploma through her previous employer ASB Bank. ASB partnered with Te Puni […]