• 6 x 1 Day workshops over 16 weeks
  • 3 x 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • Includes self-assessment 
  • Transformational leadership journey designed to help you achieve personal mastery and leadership excellence
A new era of Transformational Leadership


Today’s rapidly changing business environment needs a new leadership approach.

Move away from old-style thinking and enter the new era of transformational leadership.

Whatever your work, whatever your industry ACCELERATE will equip you with the tools, insight and the mind-set you need to be tomorrow’s leader today.

ACCELERATE takes you on a voyage of personal discovery to transform your capabilities so that you can transform those around you.

Six intensive days with the focus on you, your leadership approach, vision and the impact you have on your team and business.

Master your personal leadership style, leverage your strengths, focus your mind on success and create and lead impressive teams.

Challenge traditional views of leadership and bring about the paradigm shift needed to enable exceptional performance, behaviour and thinking in today’s complex business environments.


Employer Benefits

Your organisation will have strong leaders who create and lead high-impact teams and who produce results no matter the business climate.

All of our training courses can be delivered inhouse. In-house training can be customised to meet your needs, is cost- and time-effective and enhances organisational learning by ensuring everyone is on the same page.


Self-Assessment - Gain insight into your personality, motives, talents, preferred culture and competency potential using world-class assessments tools. Understand your preferred style and where your strengths and areas of development lie.

Coaching - Receive three one-to-one coaching sessions to ensure your learning pathway is aligned with the programme, provide invaluable insight and foster accountability for outcomes

Breakthrough Leadership - Using an experiential and practical approach learn leadership essentials, create a leadership vision and start the journey to reaching your fullest potential.

Communication and Influence - Learn to adapt your behavioural style to communicate effectively and apply strategies to influence and motivate others

Leading Dynamic, High-performing Teams - Master essential skills needed to manage diverse, challenging and dynamic teams. Develop a collaborative culture and implement strategies to build trust, manage conflict, gain commitment and optimise engagement.

Optimising Performance and Building Resilience - Analyse and optimise business performance, management systems and processes. Learn to inspire, align and direct people towards a single goal. Apply coaching models and resilience strategies to enhance suitability and drive results

Design Thinking for Innovation - Acquire the skills required to successfully create and lead innovatively, developing new ways of doing things and solving problems. Learn to build an anticipatory, agile and creative workplace

Strategic, Focused Thinking and Planning - Shape your organisation so that it better delivers value. Develop high-level business plans and implement strategic tools to achieve impressive personal performance and business outcomes.

 *Note that all modules are compulsory for completion of this program. Please ensure you select all 6 modules when completing online registration.

Who For

  • New leaders who want to get it right
  • Leaders wanting to lead with more influence and impact
  • Leaders wanting to challenge the status quo and drive results
  • Leaders wanting to manage change and complexity with conviction
  • Leaders wanting to validate thinking and network with peers

ACCELERATE is for those who want to achieve the next level of success in leading individuals, teams and organisations to their highest level of performance.

Aug 02
Wed 09:00 AM - Tue 04:30 PM 16 weeks
  • Programme
  • $6,999.00 excl. GST
Session information
Breakthrough Leadership Workshop (COMPULSORY)
Wed 02 Aug 09:00 - Wed 02 Aug 16:30
Communication & Influence Workshop (COMPULSORY)
Thu 03 Aug 09:00 - Thu 03 Aug 16:30
Leading Dynamic High Performance Teams Workshop (COMPULSORY)
Mon 11 Sep 09:00 - Mon 11 Sep 16:30
Optimising Performance and Building Resilience Workshop (COMPULSORY)
Tue 12 Sep 09:00 - Tue 12 Sep 16:30
Design Thinking Workshop (COMPULSORY)
Mon 30 Oct 09:00 - Mon 30 Oct 16:30
Strategic Future Focused Thinking & Planning Workshop (COMPULSORY)
Tue 31 Oct 09:00 - Tue 31 Oct 16:30
6 x 1 Day Workshops

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