Practical, proven techniques for world-class professional coaching.


Coaching is now considered to be a core business skill, internationally.

The IMNZ Programme in Professional Coaching is a transformational coaching programme designed for anyone who has relationships at the core of their business.

Learn practical, proven coaching techniques to transform people, drive purpose and lift productivity. 

Developed by world-class coaches, psychologist and educators, Dr Patricia Bossons and Denis Sartain, this programme drastically improves thinking and performance by leveraging coaching models that draw from the hard science of how our brain works.

Coaching underpins discretionary effort and not only brings out the best in you, but also helps bring out the best in your people


Who For

  • An executive looking to embed a coaching culture
  • A manager looking to drive purpose, productivity and profit
  • An aspiring coach looking for professional training
  • In a position requiring leadership qualities

This programme is for anyone who has relationships at the core of their business and who wants to transform themselves, their people and their business. 

Why Take This Course

  • Developed & run by highly regarded, world-class coaches, psychologists and educators, Dr Patricia Bossons and Denis Sartain
  • Proven transformational capability with 3,000 graduates worldwide and now for the first time in NZ
  • Focus on the neuroscience behind coaching: an exciting and powerful approach
  • Programme can be delivered in-house and tailored to your business needs
  • All successful candidates will receive an external quality assurance statement
  • Learn what coaching is and isn’t
  • Understand how the brain works
  • Raise self-awareness and transcend limiting beliefs
  • Try out different coaching techniques and styles
  • Apply a wide range of methodologies to diverse coaching situations
  • Get on-going feedback to build your confidence and ability
  • Master insight-driven coaching conversations that drive results  
  • Learn to build and sustain a coaching culture
  • Earn a quality assurance statement of coaching training

Employer Benefits

You will be able to coach in diverse situations and know how to create and embed a coaching culture.

Coaching is the mechanism for culture change. It is at the core of employee engagement and unlocking discretionary effort to drive performance.  Workplaces with coaching cultures see measurable improvements in:

  • Staff retention
  • Reduced conflict
  • Open communication
  • Job satisfaction
  • Overall level of happiness and productivity

All of our training courses can be delivered in-house. In-house training can be customised to meet your needs, is cost- and time-effective and enhances organisational learning by ensuring everyone is on the same page.



The path to your own success as a coach starts with a critical look in the mirror to see strengths, weaknesses, deepest values and foundations you must build on. 

By the end of the module you will:

  • Understand what coaching is and isn’t
  • Raise self-awareness as a fundamental attribute of an effective coach
  • Master psychometrics such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Firo-B
  • Build rapport and recognise different stakeholders in the coaching relationship
  • Balance your role as a manager and a coach


Dive deep into the Neuroscience of coaching in any situation. Learn the tools and techniques to get the best out of people, enhance motivation and create a sense of purpose.

  • Grasp the psychological underpinnings of coaching
  • Get to grips with a wide range of methods for different coaching situations
  • Undertake external client coaching session, with feedback

 In between Module One and Module Two, each participant will receive a coaching session from a fellow participant, and will give a coaching session to a different fellow participant.


Apply and master a variety of coaching methodologies. On-going feedback ensures you build confidence and capabilities as a professional coach. 

  • Tools and techniques with continued integration
  • Tutor-observed, external coaching session
  • Second external client coaching session, with feedback
  • Reflect and review 

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