The future of Business Agile and project management.


We’d like to welcome you to a housewarming of sorts! Come and check out our recently refurbished Wellington offices or our new, Auckland office and kick off the year with an event to share leading research on the 5 key trends facing Agile leadership in 2018. 


The Future is Agile.

In today's dynamic marketplace, it's imperative that leaders quickly adapt to market conditions, competitor activity, and most importantly - customer needs.

Learn how Agile can increase customer satisfaction and accelerate your time to market; why trust and respect is integral to success; and what it means to be a servant leader. 

Delivered by leading Agile practitioner, and valued facilitator of IMNZ Erika Barden, join us to learn how embracing change will keep you relevant in this environment of constant change and disruption.  

Refreshments provided. 

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