Team leader essentials for front-line managers.


Becoming a first-time manager or team leader is one of the most challenging career transitions an individual can face.

A great start makes all the difference. In this short course you will learn the fundamental skills needed to lead a team at the front- line of an organisation.

Through discussion, exercises and relevant theory, you will learn how to get the best of your team to maximise relationships and results.

Gain greater confidence in your role as a manager now.


Who For

  • You are a new team leader of manager, or you would like to step up into your first management role.
  • You are looking to build your leadership capabilities.

Employer Benefits

You will become an effective and forward-thinking manager who is able to contribute positively and communicate at a high level.

What Is Covered


  • Understand the role and responsibility of the front-line team leader and manager in today’s workplace
  • Employ core communication skills, including listening and giving feedback
  • Implement time management techniques and practices
  • Understand the process of planning and implementation
  • Understand how to delegate and ensure tasks are completed as agreed
  • Lead meetings effectively ensuring team input and commitment to agreed results
  • Prepare and deliver effective presentations
  • Write concise business reports
  • Train and coach team members
  • learn the appropriate use of visual aids

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