The essential leadership toolkit for building a leadership foundation


Zeroing in on the key areas that make great managers and leaders successful, the ELEVATE programme provides an essential toolkit for emerging and new leaders.

The Elevate programme consists of three highly interactive standalone themes: 

  • Leading Self  (
  • Leading Others  (
  • Leading Business Performance  (

Each theme is made up of three key topics and participants can pick and choose the theme most relevant to their needs or take all three for a detailed understanding on how to lead and drive business in today’s complex environments. You’ll come away with the practical tools to create strong connections, drive performance and lead teams and people with confidence and conviction.

Learn what it takes to lead in today’s dynamic business environment in a series of short, fast-paced modules.

Book all 3 Elevate Series and save!  Standard pricing is $1380 +GST per session, or you can attend all 3 sessions for $3700 +GST. Member rates apply. To book all 3 series, call us now on 09 303 9100.


Employer Benefits

Your business will benefit because you will become a confident leader who is more effective at motivating high performance in others.

You will increase the speed (through increased clarity and less resistance) to achieving the desired future direction of the organisation.



1. The Self-Aware Leader 

Most good managers have sound product knowledge or technical skills, the ability to manage relationships and the motivation to succeed. But exceptional managers are also self-aware.

2.  The Resilient Leader 

Get tips and techniques to self-manage anxiety and stress and create a resilience plan that will help you bounce back from setbacks and thrive in high-pressure environments.

3.  The Courageous Leader 

Having the confidence to manage tough conversations and conflict is an essential leadership skill. Your approach can make or break relationships and determine decisions and their outcomes


1.  Building and Leading Teams 

Learn strategies for building great teams and creating successful team dynamics. You will develop skills that enhance communication and trust and align team members around shared goals so they can effectively plan, communicate, execute and deliver.

2.  Influencing Others 

Every leader needs to be able to engage with people and get their buy-in and approval. Learn to recognise which influencing style is required in different situations and develop strategies to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

3.  Feedback for Results 

Effective feedback is a crucial part of improving individual and team performance. This module focuses on the one-on-one conversations held between managers and their direct reports. You’ll get to know your own feedback style and use models to plan and prepare positive developmental and personal feedback


1.  Business Focus and Planning

A business plan is a powerful tool for bringing objectives and goals into focus. This workshop takes you through business or departmental goal setting and introduces a few widely used planning tools. You’ll leave with a high level ‘plan on a page’ that you can build on for future success

2.  Leading Change/Leading Performance 

Periods of change can be challenging – and sound leadership is essential to help people make positive transitions. Explore your role in communicating and planning change, find out how people typically respond and why, and learn tactics to help manage their responses and resistance to it

3.  Business Evolution  

Innovation and the continual evolution of processes and products are imperative for organisations that don’t want to get left behind. Learn the importance of continual evaluation and review. Come away with tools that will help you drive innovation in your organisation.

Who For

  • Emerging leaders about to start a new role
  • Leaders who have responsibility for a team but no formal training
  • Those who need a refresher in the capabilities of management and leadership

Why Take This Course

  • Made up of standalone themes means you handpick the leadership learning you need
  • Developed and run by experienced and dynamic leaders you are given a toolkit that can be immediately applied in your place of work

What Is Covered


Leading Self
Mon 24 Jul 09:00 - Tue 25 Jul 12:30 - Auckland
Tue 08 Aug 09:00 - Wed 09 Aug 12:30 - Wellington

Leading Others
Mon 14 Aug 09:00 - Tue 15 Aug 12:30 - Auckland
Wed 23 Aug 09:00 - Thu 24 Aug 12:30 - Wellington

Leading Business Performance Series
Thu 14 Sep 09:00 - Fri 15 Sep 12:30 - Auckland
Wed 27 Sep 09:00 - Thu 28 Sep 12:30 - Wellington

Leading Self
Tue 10 Oct 09:00 - Wed 11 Oct 12:30 - Auckland
Tue 17 Oct 09:00 - Wed 18 Oct 12:30 - Wellington

Leading Others
Wed 01 Nov 09:00 - Thu 02 Nov 12:30 - Auckland
Thu 02 Nov 09:00 - Fri 03 Nov 12:30 - Wellington

Leading Business Performance Series
Mon 04 Dec 09:00 - Tue 05 Dec 12:30 - Auckland
Thu 07 Dec 09:00 – Fri 08 Dec 12:30 - Wellington

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