The Industry Standard Qualification For Adult Education and Training.


The National Certificate in Adult Education and Training is designed to enhance a broad range of skills in designing and developing training programs, planning and undertaking delivery, and organising and running assessment processes for unit standards.

You will be able to identify diverse cultural needs of learners, and establish and maintain a culturally safe and inclusive learning environment. The modules also reflect competency in needs analysis, programme design, workplace assessment and facilitation skills.

Employer Benefits

Participants and employers will benefit from the fact that module content can be immediately implemented and applied within the organisation.



Includes two compulsory modules and one elective module that collectively make up the required credits. Each module is highly practical and interactive.

Train the Trainer (compulsory)

  • Understand your own learning style and develop instruction to meet a diversity of other styles
  • Design and select training methods to enhance learning outcomes
  • Be confident, comfortable and competent in facilitating learning
  • Learn new techniques to enliven your training sessions
  • Analyse your training style and the style and effectiveness of other trainers

Needs Analysis and Programme Design (compulsory)

  • Conduct a needs analysis
  • Separate out training and non-training issues
  • Use training needs to write clear objectives and develop a training plan
  • Design a training programme
  • Evaluate training effectiveness
  • Develop participant, programme and performance evaluation tools

Facilitation Skills (for the context of training) (elective)

  • Learn to target facilitation techniques based on the group and the subject
  • Understand how groups work and the impact this has on successful facilitation
  • Choose appropriate communication skills within the facilitation environment
  • Handle common facilitation problems
  • Identify strategies for dealing with conflict within the group
  • Gain Participant commitment to outcomes

Workplace Assessment (elective)

  • Plan, conduct and validate assessments in the workplace as well as preparing adult learners for assessment.

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