Meet Graham Watson

Graham has wide management and consulting experience working in a range of organisations in both private and public sectors. His industry experience covers: Financial, Legal, Airline, Banking, Automotive, Telecommunications, Leisure, Local & Central Government, Freight, Law Enforcement, Air Security, Aluminium Smelt, Meat, Building & Roofing, Dairy, Newsprint, Advertising, and Energy sectors.

Graham specialises in organisation restructure, process redesign, performance improvement, strategic leadership development, leadership coaching, management training and development, career coaching and mentoring. He has a practical approach, relates well to people at all levels and is results focused.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Development

Past Clients

  • Team Management Services Ltd.
  • MLQ Pty Ltd (Australia)
  • Tom Peters’ Learning Systems (USA)
  • Ernst & Young


“Graham was awesome. I was super sceptical at the start this was just going to be another “airy fairy” management course but I was wrong. It was a great course on leadership and tools we can use to be more effective in our role.”