Meet Melissa Anderson

Melissa is a senior HR Manager with 20+ years’ experience across various industries and in both small and large businesses at various stages of their lifecycle – mergers, integrations, growth, start-ups and mature. A large portion of her career has been with The Warehouse Group where she held numerous roles across three brands. Melissa’s experience covers all aspects of HR – supporting senior leaders as a true business partner with a heavy focus on facilitation. She has a reputation for building trust quickly and attributes her career success to her commercial, pragmatic and collaborative approach, enabling her to be an effective coach, facilitator and change agent.

Although she has experience across all areas, she is particularly passionate about leadership and team development/dynamics, coaching, culture change and transformation. Melissa’s greatest successes have been in moments where she has helped individuals and teams see themselves and others through a different lens, and the breakthroughs that come when they can better understand themselves and their impact. Her facilitation style is quite fluid and relaxed, allowing the session to move with the direction of the conversation and maximise the benefit for the participants. She is a true believer that the greatest learnings usually come from the participants’ shared experiences, with the programme content there to frame and inform the discussion.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Development
  • Human Resources
  • Team Dynamics

Past Clients

  • Torpedo7 Exec Team
  • Torpedo 7 CEO
  • The Warehouse Regional Managers
  • The Warehouse Store Managers and Store Teams
  • The Warehouse Supply Chain & Distribution Senior Leadership Teams and Individuals
  • NZ Sotheby’s International Realty Managing Directors and Exec Team