What I would tell my younger self – harnessing lessons from the past to lead into the future.

Andrew is a self-made, down-to-earth, charismatic powerhouse. While he is rumoured to have spent a summer playing the guitar for a pint in local pubs in his youth, his career has seen him hold positions of influence across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

He has made a career of market-changing growth and innovation. And, a few years ago, Andrew triggered a revolution of the entire fiduciary and legal services industries in New Zealand, leading to his conception of the 4 Day Week – a global flexible work revolution. The book The 4 Day WeekHow the flexible work revolution can increase productivity, profitability and wellbeing and help create a sustainable future was published by Piatkus in early 2020.

Andrew is passionate about digital innovation, a lover of the arts and a well-versed businessman.

A key takeaway from Andrew’s session:

A good business is usually a happy business. If you have people who are empowered and engaged they generally work better. You have to empower your people so that they are capable of delivering great things – Andrew Barnes

Have a watch of his session below to learn about the lessons he learnt along the road towards success.

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