In partnership with Skills, IMNZ offers in-house learning and development solutions for New Zealand businesses. Key focus areas include:

We offer in-house learning and development solutions that grow, challenge and nurture great individual and organisational leadership.

Our coaches work one-on-one with executive team members to build awareness and performance, and with individual teams to create cultures that support high performance.

We offer a variety of soft skills training courses to improve personal competence, time management, decision making, creativity, emotional resilience, pressure and conflict management.

Our psychometric solutions can help you develop people, teams and cultures. Uncover these insights while accessing a wide range of tools managed by our in-house psychologists.

Our project management training will see your staff benefit from having the skills and tools to make their everyday work lives easier and more enjoyable.

We offer Finance and Accounting related in-house learning designed to help your people broaden your understanding of business finance.

Successful business outcomes depend on effective communication. We equip your people with communication skills they need to thrive in the workplace.

We have a variety of interactive and highly practical courses in Training and Assessments designed to help your people be more efficient and increase learning within the workplace.

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We believe in the power of people

Businesses are only as good as the training and development they offer their staff.  When you give your team the tools to succeed, they’ll do just that.

Every business has unique objectives and overarching goals, our in-company solutions accommodate these differentiators.  We provide a tailored combination of learning and development solutions, customised and contextualised for your needs. 

All of our in-company solutions can improve your bottom line – from lifting retention to increasing engagement and beyond.

With thousands of corporate and professional clients, and more than 70 years of experience in delivering results, we know what works and we’re waiting to share it with you

Our solutions help you overcome the biggest barrier to developing your people

No matter your size or industry, IMNZ can provide effective in-house training and development solutions for your business.


We’re not here to interrupt your work day.  Workshops can be tailored to one or two days – or spaced out in half day modules, saving you time and money.


We partner with leading institutions to deliver high-quality in-house qualifications for you and your team. Grow your business from the inside out, while your people gain official accreditations for their skills and knowledge.


Because every organisation is different, we’ll craft customised learning programmes suited to your needs. All our material and case studies are relevant to you.


Get the best of academic and practical in one.  All assessments are work-based with a practical focus so you can apply what you’ve learned immediately.


Learn from expert facilitators who were business owners, CEOs, board members and leaders in their own right.


Get prompt, personalised and ongoing support from specialised faculty. You’ll have access to all the support you need every step of the way.


Enjoy the ease and flexibility of learning programmes that come to you — no matter where you are.


SMEs may qualify for NZTE Capability Development vouchers to help pay for services.

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For over 70 years, The Institute of Management New Zealand has built a professional community of managers and leaders.  We know what it takes to develop the executives of tomorrow and the leaders of today.

To learn more about any of our in-company solutions or course offerings, reach out to our team!