In partnership with Skills, IMNZ delivers learning solutions that grow, challenge and nurture great individual and organisational leadership.  These services take the form of:


We offer in-house training and development solutions for your business. No matter your size or industry our solutions are designed to meet your needs.


Our coaches work one-on-one with executive team members to build awareness and performance, and with individual teams to create cultures that support high performance.


Our psychometric solutions can help you develop people, teams and cultures. Uncover these insights while accessing a wide range of tools managed by our in-house psychologists.

When you invest in the development of your people, the benefits are wide-ranging…You can:

Better develop your people

Address blind spots

Reshape culture

Lift business performance

Prepare for change

Drive innovation

How we do it

Every business has unique objectives and overarching goals, our in-company solutions accommodate these differentiators.  We provide a tailored combination of learning and development solutions, customised and contextualised for your needs.

The process of creating these training solutions includes three key steps:


It all starts with a conversation.  Our team will sit down with you to get a good understanding of your organisational values, mission and vision.  From there we can align our programs to ensure you’re getting the most out of our training.

2: Design a solution:

Once we understand your objectives and visions, we’ll work with you to determine what level customisation your training programme will need.  Whether it’s a more goal-oriented adjustment to our current offerings or a newly designed course tailored specifically to your goals, we have an option for every development aspiration.

3. Measure the success:

Tailored Learning Solutions utilise a mix of reporting and diagnostic tools for improving the impact of learning experiences.  We use these solutions for delivering training and measuring its successes.  After your initial training, we often compliment the skills you’ve acquired with coaching and mentoring.

What we believe

We believe in the power of people.  Businesses are only as good as the training and development they offer their staff.  When you give your team the tools to succeed, they’ll do just that.

All of our in-company solutions can improve your bottom line – from lifting retention to increasing engagement and beyond.

Start working with IMNZ today!

For over 70 years, The Institute of Management New Zealand has built a professional community of managers and leaders.  We know what it takes to develop the executives of tomorrow and the leaders of today.

To learn more about any of our in-company solutions or course offerings, reach out to our team!