Cultural Intelligence

Tap into the strength of diverse teams by building your Cultural Intelligence

Course Dates

This course runs on demand please contact us to register your interest

A Bit About This Course

Whether they’re dispersed around the World or you’re working with a multicultural team in a single location, good managers need cultural intelligence (CQ) to lead effectively. 

Designed and run by expert facilitators, this course will build your awareness,understanding and capability on how culture impacts the way you lead, manage and work in today’s global economy.

Using the Cultural Intelligence Centre’s CQ Tool© as a framework and covering the four quadrants of cultural intelligence (drive, knowledge, strategy and action), in this course you will:

  • Learn to work with people who are different from you
  • Examine and counter your unconscious biases
  • Identify the cultural influences that make you think and act the way you do
  • Adopt a common language for more efficient communication
  • Foster an inclusive team environment
  • Resolve diversity related tension and conflict

Develop the skills needed to lead across divides and thrive in multicultural environments today!

Develop the skills needed to lead across divides and thrive in multicultural environments today!

Who Is This Course For?

Managers, project managers, consulting professionals and individuals looking to gain practical skills and tools in working in culturally diverse settings.

What Is Covered

  • Why Cultural Intelligence is needed / Why Culture Matters
  • Mapping Cultural Differences
  • Cultural Intelligence / What is CQ?
  • Improving CQ Drive / How to motivate people to improve intercultural skills
  • Improving CQ Knowledge
  • Improving CQ Strategy / Learn to be more aware and plan accordingly
  • Improving CQ Action
  • Next Steps / Professional Development Plan


No previous experience of Cultural Intelligence is needed. A willingness to work more effectively within a diverse community or workplace is all that’s required.

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