Applying the principles of design to the way people work.


Gain skills required to successfully create and lead innovatively, developing new ways of doing things and solving problems.

This course introduces design thinking concepts to organisational leaders. It uses a selection of design tools and methods so that participants can experience the typical elements in a design life cycle.

Often referred to a human-centered design, we start with identifying and clarifying the question we want to answer and then learn what people do to create new insights, before developing and testing ideas which lead to innovations.

Design thinking is not just for products and services. The principles can be applied to improve user acceptance in internal change initiatives which require engagement as well as the creation and adoption of new innovations for customers.


What Is Covered


  • Understand the Design Thinking innovation process and how it can be applied in an organisational context.
  • Explore and experiment with a range of design tools and methods on different hands-on design challenges.
  • Take away a toolkit to apply design thinking back in the workplace.

Who For

Anyone who is interested in thinking outside the box to solve problems and drive better outcomes.


Employer Benefits

Employees will be able to implement changes required to move the business forward around the three key phases in design thinking:

  • Inspiration – frame up the right question and then observe what people do in order to develop insights into their needs and build user acceptance.
  • Ideation – look for design opportunities based on insights from the inspiration phase and iteratively prototype possible solutions.
  • Implementation – create experiments to test out possible solutions and turn your ideas into action.


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