Master the transition from manager to leader


Today’s rapidly changing business environment needs a new leadership approach, as we move away from old-style thinking and enter the new era of transformational leadership. It’s time to challenge traditional views of leadership and management, and bring about the paradigm shift needed to enable the exceptional performance, behaviour, and thinking that lead to success in modern business.

Whatever your line of work or industry, IMNZ’s ACCELERATE programme will equip you with the tools, insight and mindset you need to be tomorrow’s leader today. You’ll learn to understand and develop your leadership approach, enhancing your vision and the impact you have on both your team and business.

As a six-day, intensive leadership course with the focus on you, ACCELERATE will take you on a voyage of personal discovery, transforming your capabilities so that you can transform those around you. Master your personal leadership style, leverage your strengths, focus your mind on success, and learn to create and lead impressive teams, all through IMNZ’s ACCELERATE programme.


Training Format

Pre-Assessment - Gain insight into your personality, motives, talents, preferred culture, and competency potential using our world-class assessment tools. Understand your preferred style and find out where your strengths and areas of development lie.

Coaching - Receive three one-on-one coaching sessions to ensure your learning pathway is aligned with the programme, giving you invaluable insight and fostering your personal accountability for outcomes.

Breakthrough Leadership - Using an experiential and practical approach to leadership essentials, we’ll help you to create a leadership vision and start on the journey to reaching your full potential.

Trust - Increase your understanding of what Trust means in a multi-cultural environment and establish it firmly while addressing the important issue of psychological safety.

Leading Dynamic Teams - Master the essential skills needed to manage diverse, challenging, and dynamic teams, and learn how to develop a collaborative culture and implement strategies to build trust, manage conflict, gain commitment, and optimise engagement.

Optimising Performance and Building Resilience - Practice analysing and optimising business performance, management systems and processes. Learn to inspire, align and direct people towards a single goal, and apply coaching models and resilience strategies to enhance suitability and drive results.

Design Thinking  - Acquire the skills required to successfully create and lead an innovation-focussed team, that develop new ways of doing things and improved problem-solving methods. Learn to build an anticipatory, agile, and creative workplace.

Strategic Future Focused Thinking and Planning - Shape your organisation so it better delivers value. Develop high-level business plans and implement strategic tools to achieve impressive personal performance levels and improve your business outcomes.

 *Note that all modules are compulsory for completion of this program. Please ensure you select all 6 modules when completing online registration.

What Is Covered

ACCELERATE graduates can:       

  • “Get leadership right” by leading rather than managing
  • Have more influence and impact on their teams
  • Challenge the status quo and drive results
  • Manage change and complexity with conviction
  • Validate thinking and network with peers

Out of all our short courses, ACCELERATE is for those who want to achieve the next level of success in leading individuals, teams, and organisations to their highest level of performance. Download the ACCELERATE brochure now for more information, or contact IMNZ with any other enquiries.


*Book 8 weeks before the start date and get 15% off the course

What Participants Have Said

“ACCELERATE provided useful course material and resources, as well as solid takeaway ideas for implementation. I now have a more defined sense of my leadership style and useful tools to improve my overall leadership performance”
~ Mark Rocket, Internet and Aerospace Entrepreneur
“It reinforced what I already knew about myself, and now I can apply those insights every day in how I engage, interact and build my leadership style and with it, my career as a leader.”
~ Jenna Neame, Engineer for Tasman District Council
“I now feel like a manager, like I have the capability, the knowledge, and the confidence to step up when needed. I really enjoyed that the course had practical lessons that I can take away and test with my team. I thought the facilitators were absolutely top-notch quality. I just loved the whole thing."
~ Kirsten Campbell, Manager, Office of CE and Board for Callaghan Innovation
“We were able to challenge ideas but also work out solutions for each other. I believe the one-on-one conversations, the group conversations, and the facilitation of some exercises that we do in the classes has really helped me. It has given me a set of tools to problem solve and meet my challenges head on.”
~ Tanvir Bhamji,  Headworks Consents Manager for Watercare Services Ltd.

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