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Agile leadership as a framework for project delivery and success.


What is agile?  How does it work?   And what does it mean for you? How do you implement it?

Whether you have just wondered about agile project management or dipped one toe in, this course will give you the core skills you need to deliver better projects faster using an agile mindset and framework.

Delve into what being agile really means, how it differs from traditional delivery and leadership models, and the skills and behaviours required to be successful in a changing environment.

Collaboration and interaction are key. You’ll gain hands-on experience in bringing some core techniques to life as well as learning important principles and concepts.

Thousands of project managers and leaders are already taking advantage of the benefits agile has to offer. Start your transition to agile here.



What Is Covered

This is an active two-day course with a mixture of presentations, group practical activities and case studies. At the completion of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand what agile is, and what it isn’t
  • Appreciate the Agile Manifesto, Principles,and Values
  • Understand the potential benefits of agile delivery
  • Review traditional delivery methods and success/failure stats
  • Identify the most common agile delivery methods
  • Be able to ‘speak’ agile - know what agile jargon and acronyms really mean
  • Practice popular, and proven agile techniques
  • Identify appropriate approaches (agile isn’t always the best way)
  • Discuss traditional vs agile leadership
  • Understand shared competencies, plus agile adaption of skills and behaviours
  • Learn how followership is just as important as leadership 
  • Embrace a collocated, collaborative environment to learn practical lessons from the course leader and your classmates  

Who Is This Course For?

  • Anyone wanting to learn more about agile, and how to gain the benefits of implementing an agile delivery framework and leadership approach
  • Anyone on a project team, or responsible for project delivery
  • Leaders in an organisation that is transitioning to agile

Why Take This Course?

This short course is based on the research and findings of Erika Barden who is an experienced agile consultant and practitioner. She has worked in a diverse range of sectors leading transformation teams and assisting organisations with agile implementation projects.

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