Leadership Essentials (ELEVATE)

The essential leadership toolkit for building a leadership foundation.

  • 28 October
    4.5 days
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    Leading Self Series
    Thu 28 Oct 09:00 - Fri 29 Oct 12:30
    Leading Others Series
    Thu 18 Nov 09:00 - Fri 19 Nov 12:30
    Leading Business Performance Series
    Thu 09 Dec 09:00 - Fri 10 Dec 12:30
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Focusing on the key areas that make great managers and leaders successful, the ELEVATE programme provides an essential toolkit for emerging and new leaders.

Learners will come away with the practical tools to create strong connections, drive performance and lead teams and people with confidence and conviction.


Who Is This Course For?

  • Emerging leaders about to start a new role
  • Leaders who have responsibility for a team but no formal training
  • Those who need a refresher in the capabilities of management and leadership

Why Take This Course?

  • You’ll learn about yourself, your leadership style and how to play to your strengths as well as improve on your weaknesses.
  • You’ll gain be taught how to effectively build and lead a team, influence others and provide feedback to your direct reports.
  • You’ll learn how to build your resilience as well as manage difficult people.
  • You’ll learn how to lead change and innovation as well as how to master business planning and setting goals for your department.
  • You’ll gain insight on how to drive productivity and growth in yourself and others.

Benefits to Your Employer

By undertaking the Leadership Essentials ELEVATE course, you’ll gain the leadership skills needed to drive high performance in your team, set departmental goals and manage your team more effectively.

Many businesses have increased the speed in achieving the desired future direction of the organisation by putting their employees through our ELEVATE course.

Training Format

Our in-person learning format consist of three, one and a half-day sessions spread across three months. Each session covers one of the following topics: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business Performance.

In-person training is a great option for people who are looking to step into a focused classroom environment. These workshops provide a humancentric immersive experience, with hands-on activities such as role-play and the ability to meet with your peers and build your professional networks.

If you are interested in single module participation, please contact us on 09 303 9100.

Is online learning more your style? We offer that too, click here to find out more.


What Participants Have Said

 “I understand better my strengths and weaknesses and have come to realise that just because I have weaknesses it doesn't mean I'm not good enough - it means that I know where I need to get extra support and put more energy into developing that area.”
~ Margaret Kruse, Administration Manager for Duncan NZ Ltd.

"The course helped me understand that a lot of my instinctive decisions were right on track, so it has given me a lot more confidence in my leadership style. I have also learnt to question some of my ingrained work habits and to think more carefully about workflow and time management in conjunction with leading the team."
~ Jude Froude, General Manager for Indian Ink Theatre Company

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