Who's going to teach the robots manners?


How do we protect the robotic workforce from pre-programmed bias? 

 We live in a world which is inherently biased. Humans have innate bias and there is a body of thought that claims even big data is biased. When you look at what’s going on in AI it seems very likely that the biases that already exist in society will be exacerbated or reinforced. 

There are issues around gender bias. Who gets the interview, the loan or the policy?  This phenomenon could also amplify other biases in data, for example, issues around race. 

Algorithms were supposed to free us from our unconscious mistakes but now there is a new set of problems to solve. 

 How do we address the potential for discrimination in an incredibly complex environment that is already quietly embedded in our personal lives and in some of the most powerful institutions on Earth?

 We cannot rely on AI to have the moral innovation to try and improve our lives or our society. As long as the bias exists in humans, it will not only present in AI but the bias could be amplified. AI is such a new field where these issues are really not being discussed enough. 

 Join IMNZ and our incredible panel as we discuss the Ethics of AI and the Future of Work, the conscious and unconscious bias’s that exist in our organisations and why we need diversity of thought to make the most of our tomorrows.




Rachel Kelly


Rachel Kelly graduated from Waikato University with 1st Class Honours in Master of Science in 2005. Since then she has led, managed and grown multi-million dollar business units across the US, South East Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Returning to NZ she has founded a technology cluster and been involved in an award winning start up using AI to match people to jobs they love. She is the former Deputy Chair of NZTech, and is a working Group Member of the New Zealand AI Forum AI Ethics, Law and Social Impact Group.

More recently, Rachel founded digital ethics powerhouse, Ethical AI, a company intersecting artificial intelligence and moral psychology to tackle AI corruption and global data protection. 


Tim Warren

Tim is co-founder of Ambit - an enterprise Conversational AI platform. He has extensive business experience and a unique background of leadership roles with brands such as Goldman Sachs and JBWere. He is a former software engineer and is an investor in over 20 early stage companies.


Shireen Chua

 Shireen Chua is the Director of Third Culture Solutions. She is a Ted-ex speaker, a thought-leader in cultural intelligence and valued facilitator of IMNZ. She holds an MBA, is a certified Professional Coach, and facilities ‘Developing Cultural Intelligence workshops with organisations looking to develop diverse teams into high performing teams.


Working across New Zealand and Asia, Shireen has gained invaluable experience from managing multi-cultural teams and identified factors that shape organisations ability to develop and grow cultural diversity and in their organisations. Shireen has also been on boards of governance and trustees for not-for-profit organisations.



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