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Customized support to help you realise your professional goals


One-on-one coaching is a proven tool in leadership and business development. Coaching enables you to define, clarify and achieve your goals while providing an opportunity for customized feedback and support. Whatever your concerns or development needs our coaches will empower and enable you to map the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. A coach can help:

  • Improve personal productivity
  • Motivate yourself and your team
  • Develop new tools for managing stress, leading change, or dealing with conflict
  • Set goals and strategies for achieving them
  • Prepare you for crucial conversations
  • Provide direction on how to overcome challenges in your career or role
  • Identify your transferable skills and skill gaps needed for the future
  • Challenge your inner critic

Coaching sessions are delivered face-to-face, via telephone/video conferencing, or a combination of both mediums. IMNZ will provide a few coach profile options for consideration. All efforts will be taken to ensure a selected coach carries relevant expertise to each individual’s unique circumstances.

Pricing: $1490 (+GST) for a series of 3 sessions. Each session lasts one-hour in duration.



Employer Benefits

  • Empowered individuals and teams
  • Greater manager and leader engagement
  • Improved job performance and increased effectiveness
  • Stronger focus on strategy and goal-setting
  • Greater impact on organisational change through supporting teams and individuals
  • Ability to develop employees demonstrating high potential

Who For

One-on-one coaching is for leaders at any level! It is the perfect solution for busy managers and staff who want to develop their skills but might not have time to attend full-day training. You might specifically benefit from coaching if you are a:

  • Senior Leader or Executive looking to refine your strategic thinking.
  • Middle Manager looking to improve the performance of your team, lead change, or work effectively across your organisation.
  • Team Leader wanting to understand your personal leadership style, set performance goals, or deal with difficult team members or situations.
  • First-time Leader looking to build resilience and confidence.

Why Take This Course

IMNZ can tailor a coaching solution that’s right for your level of leadership and for the outcomes you want. Whatever your goal, coaching can help combat business and personal challenges, offer fresh perspectives, and generate new ideas for problem solving strategies. One-on-one coaching will lift your leadership capability, improve your individual performance, build your resilience, and provide you with increased confidence to tackle challenges at work.

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