Blended learning - 10 weeks of 1-hour webinars and online self-paced learning. Deliver your projects within budget, on time, and with high-quality results.


IMNZ's ELEVATE online course targets the key areas that make great managers and leaders successful, in order to provide new and emerging leaders with a toolkit for success. 

After this 10 week virtual course, learners will come away with the practical tools to create strong connections, drive performance and lead teams with confidence and conviction.

The online version of the course was purpose-built using learning and development best practice to provide a dynamic, interactive, and engaging learning experience. This virtual training provides a mix of videos, group discussions, facilitated webinar sessions and activities based on real-world scenarios to re-enforce what has been taught.

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Who Is This Course For?

  • New and emerging leaders
  • Leaders who find themselves leading a team and want to get formal training
  • Leaders who are looking for a refresher course on management or are wanting to learn new ways of management

Benefits to Your Employer

ELEVATE will set you up as a strong, capable leader who will thrive in opportunities of management. You will learn how to drive high performance and manage your people more effectively. An asset to any company.

Training Format

Online training is a great alternative when face-to-face learning isn’t ideal or for situations when learning from your home or work is more convenient.

This training format consists of the same learning modules but is broken down into a 10-week online course. Each week there is a one hour facilitated webinar accompanied by two hours of online activities. The shorter, more regular sessions mean that learners don’t need to take full days out of the office in order to do this training like they would with the in-person training.

If you aren't sure about learning online, we also offer ELEVATE as an in-person taught course. Click here to find out more.

What Participants Have Said

“I feel that I’m a better person and a better manager now for having done this course. It has given me extra tools to be aware of how I deal with people.”
~ Michelle Pickles, Media Personnel Manager for New Zealand Racing Board

“There were a lot of tools that we learnt that can actually be used on an everyday basis with teams and workshops and meetings. One of the biggest impacts of having done the course was how it enabled me to engage with our clients - not only navigating how to talk to my team and motivate them for change, but also applying that to my clients and authentically listening to them.”
~ Michelle Poulton, COO for AlphaCert Labs

“The IMNZ training brings through techniques that you can apply but also gives an understanding of the psychology that would influence certain types of behavior, and at the end of the day that’s what we are trying to do—change people’s behaviour so we can get better outcomes.”
~ Tanvir Bhamji, Headwork Consents Manager for Watercare Services Ltd.

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