Four weekly 90 minute webinars followed by 30 minutes coaching.


Do you sometimes have a hard time communicating your ideas to others?

The most successful people in business know how to communicate clearly and persuasively.

Think on Your Feet® is a globally recognised two-day short course that teaches you to speak concisely and persuasively, even under pressure.

It is one of the most powerful communication and influence courses in business today.

Used by some of the world’s most influential leaders and incorporated into the curriculum of many Fortune 500 companies, you will learn advanced speech and debate techniques to transform your communication and engagement.

Think on Your Feet® is the only communications workshop that will provide the skills you need to present, defend, and discuss an idea persuasively and quickly.

This training addresses situations such as:

  • Off-the-cuff discussions
  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Elevator speeches
  • Q&A
  • Summaries
  • Status updates
  • Conference calls

Ditch your fear of public speaking, be more confident in your communications, come across more professionally and authoritatively and never be get caught on the spot again, with Think on Your Feet ®!


Who Is This Course For?

  • Think on Your Feet ® is targeted at middle to senior managers, executives, leaders, and customer focused teams.
  • It is targeted at those who need to be clear, convincing, and memorable when speaking to others.
  • It helps improve communication quality in both impromptu discussions and formal prepared communications.
  • Think on Your Feet ® also assists those who deal with difficult questions and who are often put on the spot
  • This course is for anyone who wants to convince and sway others or be seen and acknowledged as a leader.

Training Format

Four weeks of weekly webinars addressing each module. Followed by a weekly coaching session. 

Module 1

  • Introduction
  • Plan Types
  • Plan Structure
  • Clock Plan

Module 2

  • Review
  • Globe Plan
  • Triangle Plan

Module 3 

  • Review
  • Bridging
  • Zoom
  • Real World Questions

Module 4

  • Review
  • Pendulum Plan
  • Benefits Plan
  • Real World Questions
  • Bringing it all together

What Is Covered

The workshop is a highly interactive classroom experience filled with practice, coaching, feedback, and designed for immediate application. At the completion of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Communicate with Clarity, Brevity and Impact ®
  • Quickly organise information
  • Effectively communicate and organise yourself
  • Use six method of communication analysis
  • Eliminate jargon from communications
  • Have persuasive conversations
  • Deliver convincing and punchy presentations
  • Be more persuasive and influential
  • Perform better under pressure
  • Give clear replies to questions and answers
  • Improvise using proven methods
  • Learn new ways to calm situations and buy time
  • Employ listening techniques to address audience hopes, fears and concerns
  • Turn anxiety into positive energy

What Participants Have Said

"When we planned the Think on Your Feet® training for our team during the Covid-19 pandemic, I was apprehensive about the effectiveness of a virtual communication skills programme. It turned out to be extremely impactful! TF®'s toolbox of 6 Plans is powerful. It forces you to think clearly…..and therefore articulate clearly." ~ Purva Pandit, Senior HR Manager, Microsoft India

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