Building high performance teams starts here


As a manager your success is measured by the success and productivity of your team.

Find out how improving your leadership can effect the on-the-job performance and achievement of your team. In this highly interactive and practical short course you will learn how to plan and monitor the performance of others, manage conflict, motivate behaviour and drive the success of your team.


Who Is This Course For?

 Leaders looking to develop a high-performance culture.


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What Is Covered


  • Understand staff selection practices
  • Be able to undertake induction training
  • Understand the responsibilities of health and safety in the workplace
  • Understand performance management principles
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators for a team and for individuals
  • Understand motivation for individuals and the teams
  • Understand the process of team formation
  • Deal with conflict and difficult situations within the team
  • Discuss coaching practices and learn how to coach your team on-the-job

What Participants Have Said

“The course helped reinforce the alternatives to encouraging buy-in from the team and provided examples of alternative approaches that may cater for different personalities that exist within a team, affecting the overall team dynamics and the need to be aware of those variations. I think even subliminally I now apply these leanings."
~ Robert Wilson, Contract Manager for Argest

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