Project Management Fundamentals

Deliver your projects within budget, on time, and with high quality results.


Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or you’ve just landed a job involving Project Management, brushing up on the basic principles and the tools available to help you can save you time and stress in the long run. This is a practical, hands on course designed to demystify Project Management and build your confidence on the job across a project’s life cycle.

Through doing this course you’ll learn real world skills like how to scope a project, estimate budgets, keep a project on track and how to improve overall efficiency. You’ll also gain an overview of the tools, techniques, and resources necessary to manage large projects.

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Who Is This Course For?

  • People new to project management
  • People looking to learn practical tools and practices to apply to projects at their work
  • Experienced project managers looking to brush up on their knowledge

Benefits to Your Employer

Employers who send their staff on this course will benefit from having more confident project managers, who are equipped with the skills and tools needed to improve project performance, deliver jobs on time, and keep tasks on budget.

Training Format

In-person Learning:

Our public workshops consist of three consecutive days of learning, resulting in delivering projects within budget, on time, and with high quality results.

In-person training is a great option for people who are looking to step into a focused classroom environment. These workshops provide a humancentric immersive experience, with hands-on activities such as role-play and the ability to meet with your peers and build your professional networks.

Online Learning:

Online training is a great alternative when face-to-face learning isn’t a realistic option.

The online version of the course was purpose-built using learning and development best practice to provide a dynamic, interactive, and engaging learning experience. This virtual training provides a mix of videos, group discussions, facilitated webinar sessions and activities based on real-world scenarios to re-enforce what has been taught.

This training format consists of seven, 1 or 1.5 hour webinars spread across eight weeks. Each webinar will be accompanied by an hour or two of online activities. The shorter, more regular sessions mean that learners don’t need to take full days out of the office in order to do this training like they would with the in-person training.

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What Participants Have Said

“I have recently been promoted to a Project Manager within the company. I have no previous experience and needed some guidance and confidence. I really enjoyed the whole course. The instructor, Rhys, was great and didn't make the course boring and the team exercises were fun and relative. It was a good overview of project management, and I took a lot away from it.”
~ Kylee Stanton, Project Manager for Electronet Services
"I wanted to acquire tangible project management tools and strategies to aid me as I move forward. Not only did I learn some useful tools, but I also gained confidence in speaking and in my ability to succeed."
~ Jemimah Hicks, Project Manager for Electronet Services
"I enrolled in Project Management Fundamentals because I wanted to learn how to manage people’s expectations. IMNZ helped me realize that it is not wrong to sometimes say no, and trusting and delegating the task to others helps things get done better and quicker. What I liked best was that it was highly interactive and real examples were quoted to explain how successful people managed their work. I would recommend IMNZ because they are the best to help you become the change agent of the future."
~ Siva Sivakumar, Embedded Software Engineer for Tekron International Limited

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