Learn how New Zealand companies stack-up in terms of developing their staff.

How do New Zealand companies compare when it comes to learning & development priorities? Do businesses see staff development as an ‘optional extra’? Is there a link between executive education and productivity? How do you retain your best people?


The New Zealand Executive Education Survey 2017 is a partnership between IMNZ and Massey Business School researchers (MPOWER). It gathers the perspectives of senior managers, middle managers and future leaders to create a unique and detailed understanding of the current learning and development landscape in which organisations are operating.

A couple of key highlights include:

The major challenges facing NZ organisations emanated from both within and beyond the workplace setting:

  1. Addressing technological advances (49.1%)
  2. The speed of change (45.6%)
  3. Managing costs (40.4%)
  4. Major Re Organisation (40%)

A latest new trend in L&D:

Coaching is now considered the preferred L & D method for Executives, Middle Managers and High Potential in Australia and New Zealand.

L&D methods expected to be used in 2017:

  1. Individual coaching (77.8%)
  2. Peer-to-peer activities (75.6%)
  3. Team coaching ( 55.6%)
  4. Blended learning and individual online learning (both 46.7%)
  5. Individual Online Learning (46.7%)

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