Nicola Marii, a Construction Supervisor at GJ. Gardner Homes committed to a Diploma in Management Level 5 through her company, because she wanted to improve her knowledge base and widen her understanding of all areas of business.

What she likes best about studying with IMNZ is the flexibility. Training is broken down into two one-day modules at a times, over several weeks. This means that it doesn’t take her away from the day to day and can be easily integrated within her role.

Although she says she’s had several ‘AHA moments!’ along the way, what stood out the most for her was the realisation that she could do it all.  She very quickly realised how much extra time she had after work and just how much she could actually achieve after hours when she put her mind to it.

Nicola says training and development are important to her because it will also open up further opportunities within GJ Gardner Homes in the future.



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