Sasha Lockley is passionate about people, their potential being unleashed and putting authentic leadership at the top table. That’s music to our ears at IMNZ because we are all about discovering the secrets to new managers developing into strong leaders, so we were excited to sit down with Sasha and hear about her inspiring leadership journey.

When Sasha began leading teams for the first time she thought leadership required you to have a deep (& possibly scary) voice. Now it’s this. Be yourself. And it’s paying huge dividends to the success she has achieved in her roles thus far.

There was a lot to learn to lead a team for the first time, and she faced her challenges head-on.

 She realised everyone makes mistakes, was honest when she got things wrong and acknowledged when she didn’t have the answer.

 Her A-Ha moment came when she realised it was OK to be vulnerable. “What I learned that surprised me was that being vulnerable builds trust.”

 Sasha’s advice to new leaders is this. Be yourself. Embrace your uniqueness. By being authentic as a leader, you encourage others to do the same. She loves bringing out the best in people, and she achieves this from leading mindfully and authentically. 

Sasha’s currently got approx 4,000* ideas that she thinks could work and her vision is to positively impact more people than she can ever physically meet and wants to do this on a global scale. I think she’s going to do it.

 Thanks for sharing your experience as a first-time manager with IMNZ Sasha! 


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