10 Reasons Why Your Best People Quit

April 22nd, 2019

By understanding why our great people leave, we gain insight into what could make them stay, writes Jane McCarroll. I’m all about unlocking effort and making things easy. Please let me explain. Externally, I want my organisation as be as easy as possible to work with and work backwards from my customers’ experience in all that I […]


Building The Imagination Economy

January 22nd, 2019

The future, says Jane McCarroll, is Agile, as we all prepare to spend at least some of our working lives doing jobs we have never done before and which don’t even exist as yet. Let’s start with the C-word; collaboration. Or should I say c-words; connectors, communicators and coaches are what is needed to lead […]


Productivity is About Changing Habits

November 26th, 2018

  I had the pleasure of catching up with Ali Tocker from Tocker Associates recently. Tocker is a new member of the Skills family too, and it specialises in leadership development and all aspects of strategic planning and have been supporting workplace teams, leaders and managers in New Zealand since 1997. When organisations are at […]


Changing Lanes

October 16th, 2018

It’s tough being a migrant, says Alida Raubenheimer-Coetzer, who describes immigration as a multi-faceted assault on a person’s emotions, body, intellect and finances. Age has always been just a number. An historic time-line of a life lived. It does not indicate the level of living or the extend of the successes or failures in that […]


Honing your Cultural Intelligence

September 14th, 2018

There is increasing evidence to show that incorporating cultural intelligence into your business strategy can make a significant difference in all facets of your business or organisation, including bottom lines. By Shireen Chua.


How different cultures celebrate New Year

March 25th, 2018

As you read this, the New Year will have arrived.  At the stroke of midnight on the 31 December, fireworks will have lit up significant places in cities all over the world like a domino effect as the New Year is welcomed across the world as many will have ushered in 2020.  New Years resolutions […]